The International Banking system, and International Banks in general operate under the principles established by The Bank of England. All programs are conducted under the Banks and Trust Companies Regulation Act, 2000.

The Offshore Banks and US Federal Reserve are members of the ICC, but unlike most other central banks, the U.S. operates independently of the ICC. As a result, the vast majority of US citizens are not aware of the prudent money making opportunities available for the last several decades to qualified European Investors through ICC affiliated banks. However, it should be pointed out that a few major US banks do participate from within their banking operations based in Switzerland and The Bahamas, Belize and Nevis, but do not normally make their programs available to Americans living in the USA. Chances are great that your local manager has absolutely no knowledge of them or may even deny their existence.

What about the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? It is a US federally chartered private agency born out of the banking turmoil experienced by American citizens during the 1930's. This agency has funds available to repay a limited number of accounts throughout the US in times of bank failures. The amount per account is limited to $100,000; with no provision for timely payment(s), return of interest lost, or depreciation attributed to inflationary periods. As you may realize, the goal in creating the FDIC was depositor confidence after the failures experienced during the Great Depression. Clearly, the FDIC was not intended to insure the collective assets of depositors throughout the US, then or now.

Offshore Banking centers of the world, these communities are based on its independence from any other government. more established history for protecting assets. There are no exchange controls for up to twenty years. The International Business Corporation (IBC) Act originated in the Caribbean  was created to give The offshore banking a competitive edge in the financial communities to The Caribbean.

We can help you establish your account at a major money center bank. Trust accounts may also be established for IBC corporate accounts. This will alleviate reporting requirements associated with foreign bank and financial U.S. Taxes & Foreign Accounts.  International trading and all customary banking services are provided at  major money center banks by Travelers Holdings. Operating the offshore bank account is quite simple. Signed fax instructions, confirmed by our offices for authenticity, are the generally accepted format for carrying out desired wire transfers. Travelers Holdings. will ensure that transactions are carried out in a timely fashion. Detailed explanations are available upon request.

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